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The Power of the Bluff with Online Poker

April 15 2017

Online poker is definitely a patient mans game. The trouble is, you could go hours with =out a decent hand, and then you find those pocket aces but get no takers. The added frustration of not being paid off with a killer hand only makes things worse, that it why it is so important that you are bluffing on a regular basis and winning the majority of those hands.

Here are a few tips for ensuring you win more of those bluffs each round.

Start small if you are uncomfortable bluffing at first. The blinds are a great place to hone your skills and not put much at risk. Look for a weak player who always folds their blinds to a bet, and that is where your journey begins. Even if they call your bet once in a while, you might catch a great hand on the flop and then you can real them in by slow playing.

The next place to practice bluffing is after the flop. keep an eye for a weak player with the button and watch as the ace hits the board. If they suddenly stop betting and check, you have to take a stand and represent that you just caught a monster. Bet big enough to put them to the test, they will usually fold.

Now the most risky of all places to bet is the river. The others are invested in the pot and might not give it up easily, that is unless you just caught a flush or straight draw. They don't want to be part of a bad beat and will fold to a huge bet here.

So now you have the plans to dominant the online poker tables with your bluffing ability. Take heart, each day you will get a little better and rake in even bigger pots. Read more information about เกม ออนไลน์ ทุก เกม come visit our site.

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